How BBWs Can Avoid Schemers

How BBWs Can Avoid Schemers

Certain types of women seem to be prey for men who are up to no good. Often they can erroneously believe that dating with BBWs will suit their purposes, because likely they believe larger women are desperate. Well, of course they’re not, but some women have their fair share of losers to deal with. Generally, you’ll want to avoid men on BBW dating sites who are cheaters, crazy, or abusive.


Here are some tips with BBW dating so you can save yourself some heartache and find a decent man to date.


  1. Is he always cancelling? There’s a difference between a doctor on call and a man who can’t get away because he has a wife at home. You’ll also have to decide for yourself if you really want to deal with a man who cancel dates all the time, no matter the reason. Attending a funeral or going to the hospital is acceptable, but deciding to hang out with the guys instead isn’t.


  1. Is he quick to anger? It’s one thing to be angry about the issues of the world, but does he anger for the little things? Is he yelling at the wait staff or a cashier in a store? Remember that how he treats others will be how he treats you when you’re alone.


  1. He treats you too well. There’s no such thing as a perfect man. Is the man you date being a bit too perfect by paying for all the meals, opening all the doors for you, and always being polite? What about his bad side? Everyone has one. You need to see it before you get too involved in him. And hopefully it’s only some minor swearing, eating junk food, or leaving the toilet seat up. But the too perfect man is hiding something, and trying to find a “catch” who won’t be able to leave him easily when the honeymoon is over.


  1. Hes evasive. People who go on first dates may be hesitant to share where they live or their work addresses with you, but after dating for several weeks it can be a red flag if they still haven’t done so. You are sharing your information freely, so they should be too. Plus, when you ask if you can drop by their work or home, and they start freaking out, there may be something else at play. Perhaps he’s been lying about his career, or he has kids he doesn’t want to tell you about.


  1. He has forgotten his wallet. While it’s normal to pay for your own first dates, after a length of time you should both agree on who is paying for what. Often the man can pay for the meals while the woman pays for the tickets. But if you find that he never seems to have his wallet on him, or he’s forgotten to bring enough cash, perhaps he’s looking for a sugar mama.



Once you get back into dating again you may have your own mental list of what to look for in a man. Use it to your advantage as you want to find a man on a BBW dating site who is both fun and fabulous to be around!

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