Big Beautiful Women Dating And Big Beautiful Women Marriages

The age of the Big Beautiful Woman has arrived. In the 1960’s society tried to tell us that stick thin was “in”. This was detrimental to our health, self-esteem and image. Women are born to have curves. Men like a woman with curves. It is a natural attraction. Men have always had an easy out. Society has always portrayed the big man to be strong and manly. We idolize our football players and where girls were referred to as “chubby” men were often called “husky”.

Finally we have a voice. Big women refuse to take a back seat to the starving super-models. We are big, bold and sexy and men love us. The men who affectionately call themselves “fat admirers” are no longer letting media tell them who they can be attracted to. Plus size dating sites have sprung up everywhere. The best dating sites for big beautiful women are the ones designed for the big handsome man.

Fashion designers finally see that style and grace is not a number but personal attribute. Big beautiful women have what it takes and are not afraid to show it. We are women. We are bold, we are shy, we are funny, we are silly, we are smart and we are valued. We love our big handsome men and we know how to treat them.

BBS (big beautiful singles) are proud to be featured on BBW dating sites. They enjoy the same attention all beautiful women get only in a forum designed for them.

No more do women have to Photoshop the pounds away and hope that a man is attracted to her eyes or her smile. Yes her eyes and smile are striking, but there is more to her than a pretty face. She is not just nice hair and a good personality. She wants a man who she can hold on to and feel cherished. She wants a man who loves the feel of her female body, comfortably in his arms.

Dating is fun with a woman who is comfortable with herself and not afraid of being judged if there are a few croutons on her salad. Enjoying a nice meal with a person who enjoys a nice meal is – nice!

So if you desire dating a big beautiful woman or a big handsome man; if you want a partner and maybe marriage in the future with your soul mate, consider checking out the best Big Beautiful Woman dating site! Relax and have fun. Do not let anyone tell you there is anything substandard about you or the person you are attracted to. Once you make that special connection, you will wonder why you ever listened to the impossible to please social snobs of the past.